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Welcome to the Pringle Pow Wow website! The Pringle Pow Wow is the family reunion  held every two or three years. This is the place to come to learn something about the family history, the history of the Pringle Pow Wow, the plans for the next Pow Wow, and to help make a successful Pringle Pow Wow.

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Summer of 2006 -- Pringle Pow Wow, Rapid City, South Dakota

Summer of 2008 -- Pringle Pow Wow, Emmetsburg, Iowa
For more information on lodging and the Emmetburg area click on  Emmetsburg, Iowa

Thank-you everyone for attending the 2008 Pringle Pow Wow

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It was great to see, and talk with everyone. Whether you were at the Pow Wow for an hour, a day, or the week, you helped make the family reunion a success. Travel was expensive this summer. That makes it special that so many of you came. Hope to see many of you again in three years!

I have the beginnings of a contact list for families. Please e-mail me with additions.

Contact List

Redwood Resort at Lost Island

3524 330th Ave.

Ruthven, IA 51358

712-837-4481 or 515-848-9978

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 Emmetsburg Motels and Hotels 

Suburban Motel (AVBI) Hwy. 4 & 18 w   712-852-2626

Super 8 Motel Hwy 4 & 18w   712-852-2667

Wild Rose Casino Hotel 777 Main   712-852-3400 

Lucky Charm Motel Hwy. 4 & 18w   712-852-3640  (In Emmetsburg I  recommend going with the first three places on this list)


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Family History-Page 6
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